Friday, November 28, 2008

Start of the 09/10 Season - Transfer Craziness!

I have just started the 09/10 season, and although I have played a couple games the big news is the transfers both in and out. In FM 08 they had major problems with the transfer engine and they said it was going to be fixed, but to me they have gone to the exact opposite extreme with the changes. There is just simply way to many bids for all kinds of players for my liking. Almost half of my team is unsettled right now due to the bids coming in and it seems that I have ZERO loyalty in any of my players. The first bid that comes in will immediately cause them to be unsettled, even when I negotiate a high price rather than just flat out reject the bid. Based on what I have seen so far I am really not a fan of the transfer system in 09 at all. Evidence of the problems is my £29 million pound sale of Corluka to AC Milan (which smashed their record BTW). I sold him reluctantly but for that price it was an easy decision.

I really didn't find a suitable replacement for Corluka which is of great concern for me now. I was close to getting a couple star Brazilian defenders but they both had work permits turned down. I also tried to get Kompany but City's price was just too high.

Here are the transfers I made:

Players IN:

Porter: He will act as a backup striker for me and is actually off to a great start.
Haruna: A young player that I got on the cheap and he could be a good player in a couple years.
Saviola: I got him on loan from Real Madrid. it was a 1.2 million loan fee with a 4.5 million option.
Wagner: A young DC that I needed for depth. He looks to be OK for 2.5 million.
Kacar: My big purchase with the Corluka money. I paid way to much but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Players Out:
Corluka: As I mentioned 29 million was just too good to turn down. I am sorry to see him go.
Hutton: Not needed.
Jenas: Unhappy and I got 9 million for him.

My preferred starting 11 is now:

My start to the season looks like this:


  1. I bought Saviola. :D He should get goals and looks like some assists too. I'm trying to sell him now as he's older and not at the level a club like mine needs him to be, but so far everyone just wants to loan him. Grr.

    Wagner looks yum.

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  3. I learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!