Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Demo BUGS!

Well the FM 2009 demo has been out for a few days now, and it has given users a good chance to test the game and and a great chance to voice their opinion about the gameplay. (which is mostly negative) There are several very known bugs in the demo release that are making the game virtually unplayable for some people.

The biggest problems wit the demo are:

1) There are way too many injuries.
2) Players are becoming much too fatigued to the point that they cannot recover fitness by the next match.
3) Many people are having great difficulty with the installation, crashes, and meeting system specs. In general the hardware compatibility is very poor.

The injury bug is something that SI has said will be fixed in a patch that will be released on or near release day. Users have seen the total amount of injuries become unmanageable and in certain instances the amount of injuries in a league is much higher than it actually is in real life.

The screenshot on the left shows a sample of the amount of injuries that are happening in the demo. It is definitely something that needs to be resolved as does the fatigue issues that may be one of the leading causes of all of the injuries. If SI can fix this issue with a patch on release day it will go a long ways to making the game much better.

Aside from the major show stoppers, there are the usual host of small bugs that seem to appear every year when the game is first released. These will no doubt be fixed in future patches and I although some of the bugs can be slightly annoying none of them will cause too much of a negative affect on the game. The list of small bugs are:

Keyboard bug - doubled letters
Too many long shot and free kick goals, and not enough from close range and one-on-ones.
Penalties and the never ending game after extra-time.
Strange moves of goalkeeper in 3D mode.
In 3D match engine screen sounds of kicking ball comes 2 seconds earlier than the actual shot goes.
Some widgets in TV view forget their position
The 3D engine will sometimes show a goal in the commentary before the ball has actually gone into the net.

It should be interesting to see which bugs are fixed by SI in the first patch. It has basically been confirmed that they will fix the injury and fitness problems, which is the major item that they need to fix for release day. In my opinion if they resolve this issue we will have a great game on our hands come release day!

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