Thursday, November 27, 2008

08/09 End of Season Report

The 2008/2009 season has concluded and my Tottenham squad finished a disappointing 13th in the English Premier Division. The season started with a poor run of results and just when it looked like my team was about to turn the corner mid-season I will slammed with a series of poor results in the final 10 games.

There is no doubt that the 09 version of Football Manager is much tougher than 08. I spent virtually the entire year trying to find the right mix of formation, squad selection, and tactic. I have never switched my tactics more in a single year than I did in my year playing this game.

Here are the final EPL standings:

Arsenal captured not only the league title but the League Cup AND the FA Cup as well. No doubt a great year for them. The ECL was won by Chelsea who beat Liverpool 2-0 in the final. the EPL is not exactly an easy league to manage in considering I am just learning the game!!!!!!

My manager's position at Tottenham for the time being is stable, however you have to figure that I need better results next year if I want to stay on at the club. Others managing the Spurs have said that it takes almost a full year for the team to gel which hopefully is the case, however I am planning some big off-season moves which may delay the squad harmony even further. One notable injury that I will carry with me into the new season is Gareth Bale broke his leg in the final game of the year and will miss 5-6 months.

Here are my squad stats for the year:

Notable Performers:

Bentley: My most consistent player had a decent year. He is attracting huge interest from many big clubs.

Moutinho: Got off to a slow start upon his arrival but later in the year turned in several great performances. He will be a good player for me.

Modric: Was largely inconsistent and he needs to get better next year. Hopefully he will settle in a learn the language soon.

Pavlyuchenko: He had a very disappointing year stats wise, but I am chalking it up to tactics, or lack there of.

Derbyshire: My key singing this year scored 6 times and play fairly well in his short time here so far. I am hoping to find the proper game plan to allow him and Pav to score big in 09/10.

Jenas: Had a very poor year and will likely be sold in the summer.

Woodgate: Had a very poor year as well, wants to leave, and will leave to the highest bidder in a couple months.

Some other screens of interest:

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  1. I think you are too harsh on your players. Pavlyuchenko's goal return wasn't great but I think that's countered by his assists. Looking at Jenas' tackling it looks like he's more a defensive-minded midfielder than an attacking one, and didn't do too bad in that aspect.

    The 'problem' for this season seems to be that your midfielders get the goals your strikers should get. I think there's a good chance that next season will see a good improvement as they've had a year together.

    I noticed Pekhart. :D I trained him as a RM and his 20 crossing ability helped make him the new David Beckham (in his younger years). :D

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