Thursday, November 27, 2008

Downing Signs with Tottenham

Middlesbrough was just recently relegated from the Premier League and their troubles turned out to be a substantial gain for Tottenham. Middlesbrough offered out a number of players at discounted prices and I was able to snap up Stewart Downing for a low sum of £6 million. There were 26 teams that offered him a contract however my offer of £37,500/week with a £2.5 million singing bonus was the winning offer.

Although I am fairly strong on the wings I am predicting the loss of Bentley, Modric, or even both in the near future. Bentley in particular is sure to attract a lot of big offers this summer and it is unlikely I will be able to hold him for the long term. I also felt that the chance to get a good, experienced winger for only £6 mil was too good to pass up.

Stewart Downing's Current Profile


  1. I've never gone with Downing, he seems sort of under the glass ceiling. A bump of one or two in his attributes would make him a very good player but currently he's seemed a bit of a risk due to his price.

    Good to see FM 09 has relegated teams selling players now, something I miss in FM 07. :(

  2. As I said I figure he is good insurance for the forthcoming sale of Bentley, and possibly even Modric.

    Your right he does lack the attributes to make him a sure fire star player but I think he could be good for me. We'll find out! :-) If he doesn't do well then you can say I told you so....