Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FM 2009 Club: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

I am going to start my first FM 2009 career with the Tottenham Hotspur. This club should give me a good chance to get familiar with the gameplay and tactics while giving me a reasonable shot at becoming a very successful club. My tasks will of course include toppling the big four in the English Premier League, as well as hopefully finding my way to success in Europe.

To get started I will give you a bit of info about the Tottenham setup in the game. They are a fairly rich and prestigious club so cash shouldn't be a limiting factor in my quest for success. Here is quick look at the club information screen at the start of my game:

Here is a quick overview of my starting finances:

As you can see the club is pretty well off and this should give me a great chance to bring in some players that I feel can help me reach the teams expectations. Stay tuned for the initial squad assesment coming up shortly.


  1. Ah there we go. It wasn't letting me comment. Anyway...I'll be giving this a read seeing as I'm Spurs in my FM 07 game (still playing it, haven't even tried 08 or 09).

    Definitely a good team to start with due to money, expectations and that, almost feels like cheating!

  2. using tottenham was business because i sold modric for 37 milion, bentley 40 milion,corluka 15 million, thiago silva and rossi for 29 each, veloso 26, dawson woodgate and hutton twelve each. i won two uefa cups and i have brilliant players such as marquinhos, laurito aissati buonannotte maggio van der vaart